Security Services

Security Services - We Deliver More than Just… Safety

Every asset/property demands security/safety in its own way. Safeguarding human assets across any commercial/noncommercial properties especially residential complexes wherein protection of elderly people, woman, and child gets utmost priority.

We at Altis, understand that proper security is not just enough but more than that could give a peace of mind and confidence to our customers and visitors.

With proper training and comprehensive knowledge on security solutions, we provide our clients complete solutions that surround remote monitoring, guarding, background screening and more.

We offer a wide range of security solutions. Some services include:

  1. Gate management
  2. Central monitoring response
  3. BMS monitoring
  4. Fire and safety services
  5. Emergency services
  6. Access control
  7. Visitor management
  8. Records management
  9. Networked building security
  10. CCTV systems
  11. Intrusion alarm monitoring
  12. Photo identification

Opt for Altis security solutions to ensure no more loss of your property, profits and ensure confidence among your visitors and customers.